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  How to book Community of Hope Retreats for your retreat or other event:

1.  Contact us and let us know when and where you would like us to facilitate your event. We’ll check the schedule to see if that time is available. If it’s not, we’ll try to plan a date that is mutually acceptable.

2.  Send your non-refundable deposit of $75.00 to reserve us for the dates that have been arranged. Without this deposit, we cannot guarantee that your date will be held on the calendar. This deposit will be applied toward the total cost of your event. If you have to cancel your retreat or event then your deposit will be applied toward a future booking.

3.  You will be sent a Program Information Sheet to complete which will inform us of the specifics of the retreat (time of departure/arrival, theme desired, sacraments to be celebrated, number of participants, etc.). This must be returned to Community of Hope Attention: Community of Hope Retreats at least 30 days prior to your event date so that we can properly prepare materials, presentations and scheduling details.

4.  We will contact you approximately 2 weeks prior to your event date to discuss any last-minute details

What we are responsible for:

·         We give great care and attention to each and every event we plan. Our work on your event begins the moment you contact us. And we make every attempt to provide a problem free retreat experience for you and your group

·         We will be available to you throughout the planning process to answer questions and address concerns

·         For events and retreats, we will provide all materials and supplies for activities, sessions and prayer services that we present during your event

What the Client is responsible for:

·         For youth events the client is responsible for providing chaperones and support staff as required by the policies of your Diocese or church (or at least 8 youth to one adult).

·         Under no circumstances will Community of Hope’s facilitators be responsible for chaperoning duties 

·         The client is responsible for providing meals, snacks and refreshments for their group 

·         Obtaining clergy and ministers for sacraments is the responsibility of the client.  Community of Hope may be able to assist is this area but is not responsible for obtaining clergy. 

·         Full payment for the event is due on the day of your event unless other arrangements have been made with Community of Hope.

Program Rates

Retreats and Workshops vary and are priced individually based upon length and type of retreat,

travel costs and number of participants.

A note on our rates: Community of Hope has never declined an event based on rates.  If your group needs special arrangements we are more than willing to discuss these with you.