Jesus wants you to live to please God. The Bible along with this site will help you know how you can.

By reading the Bible and talking to God in prayer you will come to know Him better, and love him even more.

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The Community of Hope provides assistance throughout the world with Catholic sacramentals, pamphlets, information and financial support…free of charge!  Your contribution means a great deal to us, but even more to the needy Catholic families (especially to the Catholic souls of Africa, Asia and the Middle East- these Catholic faithful are unable to obtain sacramentals except through organizations like Community of Hope Inc.).


With your ongoing support we can continue our various programs including:  Christmas Relief, Prayer Services, and world wide sacramental distribution.


The Community of Hope is not a government agency; we must rely on the generosity of the faithful.  With your ongoing support we will continue to be there, providing for whoever is in need…help us bring hope for tomorrow.


Community of Hope, Inc is a traditional Catholic, non-profit, public charity under IRS code 501(c)(3) supported by donations from individuals, corporations, religious and civic groups.  All personnel are volunteers with no compensation, wages or benefits.


If you would like to make a monetary donation to the Community of Hope, Inc., please send to:


Community of Hope Incorporated

321 South Broadway

Lawrence, MA 01843


If you would like your monetary donation to help or maintain a certain need of Community of Hope, please specify and the donation will be used accordingly.