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Post Abortion Assistance and Abortion Prevention
Project Rachel- Catholic Outreach for Women & Men after an abortion
Silent No More Awareness-Public awareness of the devastation abortion brings to parents
Virtue Media- Advertising and communications outreach support for local, national, and  international pro-life organizations
Life Decisions International- Exposing the radical agenda of Planned Parenthood
Catholic Education
Scrip Tours - Douay-Rheims Online Bible
Immaculate Heart Films: Catholic Biographies, Sermons, Music, Catechism and More!
Catholic Harbor of Faith and Morals
Where we got the Bible
Shelter & Food Programs
House of Hope
Lazarus House & Corpus Christi House

Health & Food Products


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The Community of Hope also provides these services year round or annually: 

     Every December, Community of Hope has provided Christmas Relief for several communities each year since 2000. We try our best to supply Catholic Books, clothes, food, toys for the children and our prayers to all in need.

Community of Hope holds an Annual Coat and Food drive which assist hundreds throughout Massachusetts.