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Please take a moment to visit Little Audrey on the web
and get to know her miraculous story

                                                                                    (Click on Picture)

The Community of Hope has had the privilege to work with the Santos family and staff. We have made it part of our mission to propagate the love that God has shown through the miracles that occur at Audrey's home. Currently the miracles that occur are under investigation with the Vatican and has Bishop approval. Community of Hope supports Audrey and her family to the best of our abilities and ask you to do the same. Some of the items that Audrey is in need of are listed below. For more information on how to help or visit Little Audrey; please call us (978) 455-9788 or contact Apostolate of a Silent Soul  at  (508) 754-2961 (Little Audrey's Ministry)


Audrey's Wish list

            Castile Soap

            Pure & Natural Soap

            Tom's of Maine Soap

            Refresh Eye Drops Gel (pharmacy item)

            Vasacon Eye Drops

            Liquid Tylenol

            Liquid Benedryl

            Hydrocortisone Cream

            CVS Arithicream


            Paper Towels

            Waxed 3oz. Cups / Plastic 3oz. is ok also)

            Trash Bags (Kitchen Size)

            Cotton Rounds


            Rice Cereal

            Aveda Shampoo

            Paul Mitchell Detangler (These brands do not dry out her skin)


            Plax or Scope (these are the only 2 brands she can have)

            Cloth Diapers

            Huggies - Size 6

            Pull-ups Goodnights - Size XL

            Wipes - Unscented

            Depends - Light Green Bed Size




A Visit With Little Audrey

t For Terminally Ill ONLY
t The last Monday of each month
t From 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
t Please follow every detail
t At 64-68 S. Flagg Street, Worcester, MA
t Please call for appointment:
    Telephone: 508-754-2961
    This telephone number is specifically for these
    appointments (we will not respond to any other request).

t Prayer Adoration Refreshments

God Bless Your Visit!