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Meet Our Retreat Team

Tracy Norton 

  Tracy has been with the COH since November 0f 2000, as Operations Director and Event Coordinator.  Active in youth ministry since 1995, she has participated, volunteered and directed teen retreats.  Tracy has been a catechist in the Archdiocese of Boston, MA since 1998.  She believes that God calls us all to bring each other closer to the Lord through the Truth of the Church,   Go courageously to do whatever you are called to do.  The apostles were mostly unlearned fishermen, but God gave them learning enough for the work they had to do-St. Frances de Sales.


Todd Banaszewski


Todd has been involved with Community of Hope as a volunteer since it began in 2000.  Along with volunteering his time to helping his community in any way he can, Todd has also been involved with youth ministry.  He has worked on many teen encounter weekends, and confirmation retreats.  Todd spent a year as a core member for Life Teen.  He plays the guitar and loves to use music to bring teens closer to Christ.  He has attended a Tom Booth Music Ministry workshop to develop his music ministry skills.

Steve McKenna


Steve has been with the Community of Hope since 2002.  With 2 years experience of working with teenagers and young adults on religious retreats, volunteer work, ranging from painting and volunteering at homeless shelters to preparing people for receiving sacraments, he strives to follow St. Francis: Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.  In his work with the Community of Hope, Steve feels he is able to help others see Christ.



Michael Norton

    Mike has been involved with COH since 2000 as the Supply Manager.  Since 1997, he has been active in the Archdiocese of Boston as a Catechist.   Mike has had the pleasure of working side by side with the youth of the diocese through retreats, rallies, and religious education. If you will give these instructions to the brothers, you will be a good minister of Christ Jesus, nourished on the words of the faith and of the sound teaching you have followed. 1 Timothy 4:6 Timothy is urged to be faithful, both in his teaching and in his own life, as he looks only to God for salvation. Mike feels working with the youth and teaching them what being faithful is gives him the opportunity to follow the Lord.


Kristin Allan


Kristin has been a board member for the Community of Hope since 2001.  She has experience helping on many retreats and enjoys working with youth, especially her second grade catechumens.  Kristin has been active in the Community of Hope doing all sort of activities; some of her favorites are painting for shelters, gardening work for the Franciscan center, and participating in car washes to raise money for other organizations. 


Kaitlyn Banaszewski


Kaitlyn has been with COH since 2000 volunteering and giving her time in various waysShe has been involved with youth ministry since 1997, working on teen encounter retreats, as well as being a Life Teen core member.  Kaitlyn has enjoyed being a catechist for the past 5 years, as well as working on Confirmation retreats for the last two years: sharing and teaching the faith by drawing upon her own life experiences.  Kaitlyn is inspired to help teenagers to see that living their Catholic faith is possible in today's society and that it is an exciting thing!


Adam Malerba


Adam has been active in retreat ministry and religious education in the Boston Diocese (MA) since 1994 – Since 1994 he has accomplished many of his goals as a Catholic and has tried his best to be a good servant of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Currently he is Community of Hope’s principal and special education teacher for our religious education program, Director of Finances and a lead force in our Confirmation retreats.  Adam remains proactive within the Catholic community and continues to persevere in all that the Lord has given him with charity and generosity



Mark Visconti


 Mark has been active in religious education in the Archdiocese since 2000 and has been involved with programs for the mentally and physically handicap.  He has been a volunteer with COH for the past year, and recently became one of the Spreading Hope Coordinators.  Mark is enthusiastic about spreading the faith and sharing his experiences with the youth.


Christopher Sullivan


Chris has been with the Community of Hope since 2003. Since High School, he has worked with Cancer patients, the elderly, various youth organizations and youth groups, Religious  Education programs, and many  community service events.  Chris strives to live following the example of Christ who is "The way, the truth and the life" because the Lord said "what ever you do for the least of my brethren you do for me."

Margaret Costello


Margaret has been a volunteer with the Community of Hope since 2002, and a
board member since 2003. With two years of retreat and volunteer experience
with the youth. And as the Assistant Volunteer Director she works first hand
with the retreat team, as well as the youth who volunteer for our many
events. Jesus told Peter that He would make him a fisher of men, and she
feels that is what the Lord as also asked of our community.


David Quigley


David has been involved in youth retreats since 1994, and has served in many different capacities, including leading table discussions and running a crew. David  also serves as the volunteer director of the Community of Hope and currently teaches in the religious education program.  He loves learning, teaching, and living the life, and mission that our Lord has entrusted to all of us: To live, and proclaim the gospels.


Eduardo Manrique


 Ed has been active in youth ministry in the Archdiocese of Boston, MA since 1995.  Serving as a Director on the Community of Hope, the organization has made tremendous leaps in evangelizing the faith through religious education, religious retreats, and spreading devotion to the Most Holy Rosary and Scapular of Our Lady.  Determined through his own conversion, Ed realizes the great importance of breaking away from worldly desires and temptations, and to holding fast to sound Catholic doctrine.  His desire is to lead others to Christ through Our Blessed Mother, and to help people find true happiness in living for the Lord.