The Passion of the Christ



The Passion of the Christ





Willing Shepherds of Jesus Christ & Community of Hope endorse “The Passion of the Christ”


This movie is an opportunity for all Christians to come together and see the truth. This movie has been described as discriminating and bias, yet, this only proves how out of touch society (especially American society) is  from the message of Jesus Christ. This depiction of the Passion of Christ is as close as we will get. It follows the scriptures, as well as, approved visions of the Catholic Church. Today we have priest and congregations saying that they do not want see this gruesome display of the Passion of our Lord, yet it is the truth. Would we much rather hear lies and timid portrayals of this? What are the benefits of such a stand? We need a hero, and our Lord is the ultimate hero. We need the truth, because nothing but confusion comes from half truths and erroneous portrayals.


Everything in our lives whether you know it or not was affected by this event. It is our duty as Christians to stand beside the truth, to embrace the love Christ has for us and to understand the price that comes with being a Christian. It is not a fluffy image, but a true one, an image that represents the eternal love that will never be duplicated or compared by any other worldly event. As a devout Catholic, I urge you and anyone you know to set out and see this film, for any step closer to the truth is worth seeing.


Br. Adam Joseph W.S.J.C.




"The Passion of the Christ," produced by actor Mel Gibson.


“Is the movie controversial? Without question, it is. But the real controversy isn't over the widely reported allegations of anti-Semitism. In fact, Gibson has gone the extra mile, even omitting some words of Scripture which, although historical and accurate, might give credence to the false accusations. Besides, viewers might use those words as an excuse to point the finger of blame for Christ's passion and death away from themselves and onto someone else.”

”And that is precisely what "The Passion of the Christ" will not allow any viewer to do. Mel Gibson rightly places the blame for the brutal death of Jesus squarely where it belongs – on each of us. And that's what makes the movie controversial.”

”This Lenten season, do not miss "The Passion of the Christ," and don't let your friends miss it. But a word of caution: When you do pick a date to view it, don't make plans to go to dinner afterward. You won't have the stomach for it. Instead, go home, find a quiet place and pray.”


Thomas Minarik
Agape Press




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