Prayer to Saint Antony of the Desert
"O Christ our God, You taught us the way of true perfection and happiness. You encouraged those who follow You to sell what they have, give to the poor and to take up the cross. When blessed Anthony heard these words, his heart was inflamed with love for You. He left the world, renounced nation and family and accepted Your easy yoke. He entered monastic life with his companions: mortification, abstinence and self-denial. By turning away from everything, he turned to You alone; and by dying to himself, he lived for You alone. For this reason we honor his memory and say:
Blessed are you, holy Anthony, father of monks and example of religious life; tall cedar on the slope of Mount Lebanon, you have become a prophetic word echoing in the world.
Blessed are you, holy Anthony; you became a lampstand for the Light of the world. By that Light, many have been guided in the way of religious life.
Blessed are you, Holy Anthony, morning star in a world of darkness. Your light made evil fear and caused sin to drawback in fright. How glorious is your Lord, now and forever."
                              (from the Sedro of the "Quorbono" of the Maronite Rite
                                                   ........Mass of St. Anthony of the Desert)