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Thank you for your interest in these Marian devotions. 


Since 2001 the Community of Hope has distributed well over a million sacramentals.  We ship Our Lady’s sacramentals throughout the world. 


Our ministry solely relies on the generosity of people and this is how we can absorb the costly expenses.  Although we do not charge for Rosaries and Scapulars, it would be greatly appreciated if you would be able to help us with a financial gift.  We are also looking for individuals who would be interested in making Rosaries for Community of Hope.


For more information or if have a sacramental request please call Community of Hope at: (978) 686-7921.


or email us your request......click on link below


Sacramental Internet Request...click here


Internet request will be held until required donation is received

(one week maximum)


or Mail your sacramental request and tax-deductible financial gifts to:

Community of Hope Incorporated

321 South Broadway

Lawrence, MA 01843

Please provide the following contact information and a delivery address:

First Name

Last Name

Middle Initial

Organization (if any)

Street Address




Home Phone:


Please provide the following ordering information:

(required minimum donation 0.50 per sacramental)

Quantity     DESCRIPTION
  Brown Scapular ($0.50)
  Green Scapular ($0.50)
  Rosary Beads ($0.50)
  Miraculous Medal ($0.25)
  Community of Hope Bags that includes all (4) sacramentals with information

required minimum donation for Community of Hope bags are $1.75 per bag plus shipping cost


All request require donation prior to delivery


In order to help cover some of our costs. We ask that you include a required minimum $0.50 donation for each sacramental and please include S& H. We rely solely on the generosity of others to keep Our Lady's sacramentals distributed to those throughout the world for the salvation of souls.

Thank you!