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Comunity of Hope, Inc - Communityofhopeinc - Community Hope Co -
in Hope, MA - Hope Community - Volunteers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire: Salem - Lowell - Andover - Reading - Worcester - Wakefield New England- Retreats
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American Diabetes Association

American Red Cross

Angel of Hope

Biblical Foundation International

Camp Carefree  

Epilepsy Foundation

Father John Danyleivich Foundation

House of Hope    

International Rett Syndrome Association  

Jason Evert - "Romance Without Regret"

Jimmy Fund-Dana-Farber Inc 

Lazarus House & Corpus Christi House

Little Audrey Santo

Little Brothers of St. Francis

Little Sisters of the Poor

Lupus Foundation

Make-A-Wish Foundation, Mass

Merrimack House/Pawtucket House

MS Society

Our Lady of Hope Charities  

Pennies for the Hungry

Project Rachel

Saint Joseph Melkite Catholic Church

Sean Forrest Ministries

Someone elses child Foundation

Tewksbury Food Pantry  


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Welcome to Community of Hope Inc.


Our Mission Statement


The Community of Hope is a Catholic charitable organization.  We  dedicate our efforts to providing assistance to those that are in physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial need. We recognize that as a community we must care for one another.

The Community of Hope lay apostolate has been established with the purpose of encouraging hope and faith for all people throughout New England. The Community of Hope is dedicated to providing those less fortunate with assistance and support. This could take whatever form is deemed necessary to fit that particular need.


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We would like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout the years. Community of Hope has been blessed to send over 700,000 sacramentals, internationally, for Our Lady, since 2001! Please continue to help Our Lady's Mission through your prayers and generosity.


Copyright 2007, Community of Hope Incorporated