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COH Scholarship

Community of Hope Inc. Scholarship
warded to students who have accomplished 60+ hours of community service with the Community of Hope within a year, filled out a scholarship application, and have completed a 500 word essay. The essay should be based on how community service has inspired your life in a positive way. The essays are due by May 1st and are to be sent to address provided below. There will be $250.00 awarded every year by June 1st to the best essay, judged by the Community of Hope Board of Directors. The award will be administered for up to two semesters.

Once a student has met all the requirements for disbursement, funds will feed to the student. This typically occurs before the first week of class. However, students are not given refunds until the first day of classes during each semester. If the requirements are met after the beginning of the semester, then the scholarship disbursement will be delayed, thereby affecting when the student can pick up a refund. It is very important to make sure all requirements are met before the semester begins. If the awarded student fails to acquire a 3.0 grade point average during their first semester, their award for second semester will become void.

The Community of Hope will require proof of enrollment. This will include a full-time academic schedule, tuition receipt, and will only be awarded to students with a balance of $250.00 or more. This will ensure that funds will be used appropriately. There is one method to receive refunds. This is to pick up an actual check in person by appointment. You will be required to show a picture I.D. in order to obtain your refund check in person.

Send five-page essay to:
Community of Hope Inc.
Scholarship Essay
36 Henry J Drive
Tewksbury, MA 01876